2023’s Hottest Haircut Styles: A Guide to the Latest Trends

Hair trends come and go but for 2023, the biggest hair trends have something just for everyone.

The haircut trends are extra-cool, with some breathing new life into memorable trends of the past and others combining existing looks like the wolf cut and a bob cut.

The last year resurfaced a bevvy of ‘90s and Y2K inspired hair trends and they are not going anywhere.

To no one’s surprise, different iterations of the bob are going to be a huge trend, but experts also expect a resurgence of long hair.

Though, for those who want to keep their short haircuts, the trend will be to chop them off into a much shorter length than they had previously.

Hybrid haircuts such as the mixie (a pixie and mullet hybrid) and the shaggy bowl cut (a shag and bowl haircut’s love child) will also be popular in 2023.

So if you are looking to have long hair, which trend should you follow?

1) The Octopus Haircut

The octopus haircut started popping up early in 2022, and it’s here to stay.

Inspired by Rachel from friends, this modern take resembles a classic shag layered cut where longer layers are used for face framing.

You can get this haircut by asking your hairstylist to cut wispy bangs and add more layers at the top of the head whilst blending them with the overall length.

There are no sharp ends in this haircut as the ends are meant to be long and straggly, just like an octopus.

2) The butterfly cut

If you want to look like you have thick hair, you can go for the butterfly cut to add more body and volume to your hair.

Think of long, feathery layers and lots and lots of them.

This is a beautiful, modern take on the popular ’90s bombshell blowout look that adds glamour and volume.

What about medium haircut trends?

When it comes to having medium hairstyles, the list is endless.

You can have lobs with textured waves, subtle layers, or rounded corners.

Celebrity hairstylists recommend going for the blunt bob as this is the universal haircut.

1) Blunt lob

This is a one-length bob that works for most face shapes and is easy to style at home.

You can wear it with bangs, a side part, or a middle part and it will look fresh, especially after a fresh cut.

2) The midi cut

Considering the recent return of all things the ’90s, we aren’t surprised a voluminous mid-length style will be the haircut of 2023.

The midi is a universally flattering haircut that can be styled in many ways, from sleek and straight to voluminous just like a ’90s supermodel glam.

Korean short hair often involves bobs with soft layers or textures that give off a laidback vibe. Some Korean short hairstyles have bangs that are worn in a chic and relaxed way. Even pixie cuts that take after Korean short hairstyles sport the same soft and dainty vibe.

What about short haircuts?

1) Bob haircuts

A short bob cut can be cut into a shape that fits any face shape.

If you want something that frames your face, you can ask for layers around the face so that when you style, you can add texture with a texturizing spray.

2) Pixie haircuts

The pixie cut comes in all lengths, shapes, and even colours.

Starting from the mixie, this cut leaves just enough length to add curls or wear them behind your ears.

If you’re looking for Korean haircuts for females that emphasize your jawline, the pixie bob is the style for you.

You will have long bangs to define your features and add volume to your crown.

If you are someone who feels confident showing your neck and face off then a short haircut is definitely the style for you.

What can I do with my bangs in 2023?

Bangs are no longer boring but changing them without changing the rest of your hair can give you a whole new look.

If you are not ready to chop off your hair, then switching up your bangs may be a good idea.

1) Wispy Bangs

This style of bangs is perfect as they suit every face shape and hair length.

You can ask your stylist to cut longer pieces to ensure they frame your face, and make sure your fringe is shorter in the middle than it is on the sides to bring more attention to your face.

2) Baby Bangs

For those who aren’t afraid to get a little experimental with their hair, try baby bangs this year.

This cut is a great way to change your current style, and there are beautiful variations, from textured, graceful side fringes to bold horizontal lines.

3) Curtain bangs

Made famous by Bridget Bardot, the curtain bangs ooze sex appeal and give you that flirty look without trying too hard.

All you need to do is blow it out to make sure they stay volumized all day.

If you’re fond of watching Korean dramas or you follow certain K-Pop stars, at one point, you might have wanted the same hairstyle as your favourite actor or actress.

So, if you’ve been looking for aesthetic Korean hairstyles, we have some ideas for you.

Wavy Korean Short Hair With Clips

Jump on both the hair clip and Korean hair trends with this hairstyle.

You can have fun mixing and matching different hair clips on your short wavy hair and you can wear this ‘do when going out with your friends on a weekend or when going to a casual party.

Korean Short Hair With Tousled Waves

If you’re having a bad hair day, or if your waves didn’t turn out as expected, just finger-comb your hair to create a tousled look.

For this, you don’t even need to perfect your waves.

Just keep them loose and casual, and you’ll rock a messy but aesthetic Korean short-hair look.

What about hair colours?

Even if you are not looking to change your hairstyle, you can always head to the salon for a hair colour session.

Here are some ideas on what hair colours you can ask for in 2023

Statement blonde money piece

Anyone with any natural hair colour can opt for “money pieces,” which are flattering strands right around the face.

Minimal baby lighting can work the blonde of choice into the rest of your hair to match.

Soft Cool Black

Black hair colour is often misunderstood to be harsh and boring when in fact, it can be striking in the most stunning way if you make sure to flatter your skin tone.

This soft cool-toned black really pops on warm skin tones.

Low-maintenance platinum

This is a new and improved version of platinum blonde that starts with darker blonde roots and melts into all the bright colors you could want.

It is easy to maintain without risking major damage with constant touch-ups.