How to Reduce Hair Loss

Hair loss can be quite frustrating. No one wants to shower one morning and see clumps of hair on their hands. While the average person loses as much as 150 strands of hair per day – large amounts of hair loss can be quite frustrating. So how do you solve this problem? Hair care doesn’t

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8 More DIY Herbal Hair Care Tips

The market is flooded with hair treatment products that are not only pricey but harmful because of their synthetic ingredients. Before purchasing a beauty or hair product from the shop, remember this: no one can best take care of yourself but you. The good news is that you can remedy hair problems like oily scalp

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Amazing Tips on Herbal Hair Care

Your hair is one of your greatest physical assets. As the most visible part of our head, you do your best to make it presentable and neat. Prolonged exposure to direct heat from the sun is damaging to your body, so your hair protects your skull and helps in body thermoregulation (maintaining body temperature).  It’s

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6 Herbal Hair Treatments You Can Try

Hair loss knows no age and gender. Thus, it becomes a worry for people in their middle to advanced ages. Hairline retreating, going bald, and diminishing hair are common issues faced mainly by men; however, women are susceptible too.  What is herbal hair treatment? Herbal hair treatment is a natural and organic way of treating

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Factors Resulting in the Use of Herbal Hair Treatments

Hair loss affects your scalp or body. Anyone can lose hair — young or old; however, it is more dominant in men.  There are different reasons why we are losing our hair. Some are due to…. Stress is one of the main reasons why we lose hair. Stressful encounters like abrupt weight reduction, overthinking, medical

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DIY Natural and Herbal Hair Treatments

Hair loss, AKA alopecia is just one of the many hair problems that anyone can encounter. Hair is said to be a person’s crowning glory, so it follows that many people spend lots of money going to salons for weekly hair treatments.  The caveat however, is that salons typically use chemically formulated solutions to treat

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