Promist Air® Bliss Mood Mist Spray (140ml)


Evokes Calmness and Bliss

Breathe your way into a state of bliss. This Promist Air® Bliss spritzer evokes the quiet and stillness you need, with a blend of lavender and geranium essential oils that can boost your mood and revitalize your senses.

  • Helps Relieve Stress & Anxiety
  • Restores Your Internal Balance
  • It Dispels The Anger, Fear & Any Feelings Of Unpleasantness
  • Invites The Calm & Quiet In Your Life


Surround yourself with a mist of uplifting aroma. Freshen up and purify the air around you by eliminating bacteria thanks to its protective plant-derived protein.

It’s the perfect product to have around home, office, workout bags, cars, and bathrooms. It is an ideal travel companion whether you are enjoying a daily commute or a trip around the world.

Scent Aroma : Soothing Floral Aroma
Scent Intensity : Strong
Scent Longevity : Long

How To Use


Simply hold spray nozzle away and upwards directly to the air. Dispense PromistAir® Bliss liberally to refresh the atmosphere. Relax, inhale deeply and enjoy the aroma.


For external use only. Keep in cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.


Deionized Water, Plant-Derived Protein Extract, Rose Geranium, Lavender Grosso Essential Oil.

Product Information

Our Promist Air® Mood Mist Spray collection infused with plant-derived proteins extract and pure essential extract that will effectively disinfects and eliminates bacteria by breaking up the molecular compounds that cause odors, inhibiting their growth and neutralizing them within minutes.

All natural, synthetic fragrance free, colors free and sulfate free.


Available in 10ml, 60ml & 140ml


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Take 3 deep breaths, simply by repeating the affirmation aloud. Feel yourself revitalize and awaken.

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