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Salon Treatment

Q: What Ingredients do we use?

A: Ginseng 人参, Dang Gui 当归, Ling Zhi 灵芝, He Shou Wu 何首乌 and 10 other High Grade Chinese Herbal Ingredients

Q: How long does the process take?

A: The whole process takes about 1.5 hours. The process includes applying ginger tonic including olive oil onto ends of hair, putting on our Herbal Paste, Steaming, washing and blow drying of your hair.

Q: What colour will my hair be after the treatment?

A: If you have any white hair, it will be a nice orange highlight to your hair.

Q: Do we use Henna Powder?

A: No. We do not use any Henna Powder.

Q: At what frequency do I have to go back for hair treatment?

A: Depends on your hair condition. You can come and have a free consultation from our consultant to see how long you need to come back.

Q: I want my hair to have a dark colour. Is there an alternative option?

A: Yes, we have the He Shou Wu treatment available so that your hair will have a darker colour. Remember to tell us that you want this treatment when making your appointment!

Q: What if the He Shou Wu treatment is not dark enough?

A: Come and tell us and we will make it darker for you the next time round 🙂

Shipping and Returns

Q: How long does the shipping usually take?

A: Shipping usually takes 1-2 weeks

Q: Can i return my item if it is damaged?

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