Restore Scalp Harmony & Hair Vitality with our Scalp Treatment

When our hair follicles are clogged due to accumulated impurities, sweat, or product buildup, it, causes hair problems like excessively oily scalp, dandruff, and unwanted hair loss. This is especially so with overactive sebum production.

Revitalize your scalp’s health and vitality with Regrow’s Hair Scalp Treatment (Dandruff Treatment / Scalp Peeling). Our blend of natural and botanical ingredients ensures a gentle yet effective deep cleansing and exfoliation of your scalp.



Rejuvenate Your Scalp: The Key to Healthy, Vibrant Hair

Healthy scalp starts with healthy hair.

If you are battling with oily, itchy or dandruff-prone scalp, restore your scalp health with Regrow’s Scalp Treatment.

Enriched with natural and botanical ingredients, our treatment offers a thorough deep-cleansing and scalp exfoliation, effectively eliminating accumulated dirt, sweat, and product buildup that clog follicles.

Our treatment not only unclogs follicles but also balances sebum levels, stimulating robust hair growth and effectively reducing hair loss. Regain your hair’s natural beauty with healthier, fuller locks!

Beyond promoting a balanced scalp, our scalp treatment fosters an environment for growing stronger, fuller, and more vibrant hair, prolonging the longevity of your scalp’s health and vitality.

Experience These Benefits from our Scalp Treatment

Experience a refreshing scalp cleanse at our salon, where we go beyond the typical hair wash routine at home, to remove excess oil, dirt, and dead skin cells that build up on the scalp over time.

Without meticulous cleansing, clogged hair follicles can hinder healthy hair growth, resulting in scalp irritation, unsightly dandruff, or unwanted hair loss.

With every treatment, we incorporate a soothing scalp massage that stimulates blood flow to your hair follicles, improving circulation.

When blood starts to flow towards the scalp, it delivers nutrients and oxygen to the hair bulbs, stimulating hair growth and improving scalp health.

This nourishing experience not only relaxes but also nurtures healthier hair growth from the roots up.

Our scalp treatment treats scalp irritation and inflammation caused by dryness, fungal infections, or product buildup, by removing these irritants and promoting a healthy scalp environment.

This alleviates scalp discomforts such as itching, redness, and inflammation, while fostering optimal scalp health, leading to healthy hair growth, reduced hair loss, and a refreshed scalp.

Our scalp treatment help combats scalp issues like dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. By removing buildup and dead skin cells, it prevents flakes, itchiness, and irritation, creating a clean, nutrient-rich environment for healthier hair growth.


How Our Scalp Treatment Works

Our treatment consists of the following regime that maximises the health of your scalp and hair. When you visit our salon, our experienced team would assess your scalp and hair issues before recommending the best treatment.

Step 1

Spray Ginger Tonic To Your Scalp

This process helps cleanse your scalp from residues or clogged hair follicles.

Step 2

Apply Scalp Exfoliation Cream

Applying a scalp exfoliation cream will further deep cleanse and remove any remaining clogged hair follicles, dead skin cells or impurities.

Step 3

Washing Hair

Then, we massage and wash your hair with our professional shampoo and conditioner used specially in salons.

Step 4

Apply Our Hair Tonic With Massage

Our vitamin-filled hair tonic enhances hair growth, prevents hair loss, itchy and oily scalp. Massaging ensures better absorption, leaving a cool sensation on your scalp.

Step 5

Blow-Dry Hair

Lastly, we will fully dry your scalp while partially keeping your hair wet to help better absorb our hair tonic.

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Common Questions about our Scalp Treatment

Our “Herbal & Natural Scalp Treatment” takes 20-30 minutes. It includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, scalp massage, and nourishment.

To keep your scalp healthy, we recommend undergoing scalp peeling/exfoliation on a monthly basis. Over-exfoliating the scalp can cause sensitivity and overproduction of oil, making it important to space out scalp treatments.

Our Herbal & Natural Scalp Treatment is safe, but sensitivity or allergic reactions may occur in rare cases. Check with our consultant at the saloon for more information.

Yes, our treatment is safe for colored and chemically treated hair. It can help to restore hair’s vitality and health.

Regrow Hair and Scalp Treatment distinguishes itself from the standard hair and scalp treatments in the hair care market by its unique emphasis on natural and traditional elements, namely herbal ingredients and ancient Chinese herbs.


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Feel free to contact us to get free consultation on the products & treatments available to help your scalp & hair grow healthier, more beautiful and manageable.

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