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Herbal VS Chemical Treatment

You may be wondering — what’s the difference between our herbal hair treatment at Regrow, as compared to doing a hair treatment at typical salons elsewhere?

At Regrow Herbal Hair Treatment, what you get is quality assurance, efficacy, and affordability.

We do not compromise on our production process:

Quality Ingredients

We use over 14 types of premium grade medicinal herbs & botanical ingredients to formulate our proprietary hair treatment blends (our ingredients include Ling Zhi, Ginseng, Dang Gui, He Shou Wu, etc) that can effectively treat scalp & hair issues. Our customers like to call us the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) of scalp and hair treatments.

Safe & Effective Formulation

Regrow’s herbal formulation offers the assurance that our ingredients are all-natural that also provide effective therapeutic solutions, even to sensitive scalp. Our proprietary blend is free from harsh chemicals, and contains no preservatives, no artificial colouring and no synthetic additives in them.

Stringent Sourcing

We source from local licensed importers that are regulated and credible. Our suppliers also supply to TCM clinics that are regulated. This ensures you get the freshest, quality ingredients possible.

Long Period Soaking

Did you know soaking of ingredients is an important phase that impacts the paste/tonic efficacy on your scalp? Our proprietary blend is soaked for 12 hours before boiling. We do not compromise on the duration to ensure the ingredient essence may seep well into the water, which enhances its efficacy. This is similar to brewing TCM medicine. We do not cut short this process as it would compromise on the paste / tonic efficacy to your scalp.

Temperature Control

Temperature control is also important when it comes to preparing our proprietary blend (paste tonic). It involves slow boil, turning to high heat, as well as a 24 hour cooling period for the properties to stabilise before converting into a paste / tonic.

Controlled Tincturing (For Medicinal Treatment only)

With tincturing, it is essential to find the right liquor, right temperature, and right duration for maximum efficacy. We tincture for at least 6 months before usage to maximise the efficacy of our proprietary blend before usage. 

In the salon industry, there are businesses that use cheap liquor (e.g. rice wine) in the process of tincturing, or shortening the duration of tincturing due to salon overcrowding. At Regrow, we do not compromise our customer experience.

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