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There are many hair salons in Singapore that offer different types of hair treatments in Singapore. Thus, it is essential to research the hair treatment services before getting it done to know what to expect from the hair salon experience or if it can solve your hair concerns to achieve healthy hair.

Our uniqueness is in offering hair and scalp treatments and hair services, using medicinal herbs & botanical ingredients to treat scalp & hair issues. They are safe & not damaging to the body & environment.

Boost Your Confidence with our natural best hair treatments

This process is to help cleanse your scalp from chemical remains before applying our non-chemical and non-preservative medicinal herbal paste. 
Olive oil helps you to achieve glossy hair and remove any frizz for easier hair management after treatment
Applying our paste onto the entirely of you hair, emphasising on your scalp, to improve damaged hair for maximum effectiveness
The steaming of hair takes 40 minutes. This process is to expand the pores of your scalp, allowing our ingredients to enter your scalp, promoting hair growth and healing your hair and scalp.
After fully absorbing the nutrients of our herbal paste in the previous steps, the remaining herbal paste will be washed away with our professional shampoo and conditioner used specially in salons. 
Spraying our vitamin-filled hair tonic on your scalp enhances hair growth, prevents hair loss, itchy and oily scalp while massaging is to ensure better absorption of vitamins, bringing you a cool sensation on your scalp. 
Fully dry your scalp while partially keeping your hair wet to help better absorb our medicinal paste and hair tonic. Gentle reminder not to wash your hair for the next 6 hours after your treatment! 

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Herbs We Use


  • Helps to control your oily scalp
  • Minimize hair loss
  • Regenerate hair cells

Dang Gui

  • Promote blood circulation
  • Improve metabolism
  • Improves Immunity for scalp

Ling Zhi

  • Combat Dandruff
  • Combat Itchy Scalp
  • Prevent itchiness

He Shou Wu

  • Helps nourish liver and kidney (Weak liver causes hair loss)
  • Slows down grey hair growth
  • Gives shinier and darker hair

our herbal principal

We believe that Herbal Hair Treatments is an effective and sustainable way to bring back the shine and health of your hair, without having a high costing treatment or harsh chemicals.

benefits of herbal

  • Formulated with natural ingredients 
  • Cruelty free. Not tested on animals
  • Are bio-degradable and earth-friendly
  • Skin-friendly – never causes irritation to the skin
  • There are no preservatives or synthetic addictives

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Herbal Hair Treatments

Our Herbal Hair Treatments uses 14 types of top graded natural chinese herbs and is prepared by a traditional cooking method, without adding any chemicals, preservatives or artificial colouring. Our formula has been approved by the Health Science Authority and is suitable for hair treatment and prevention of hair loss.


  • Treat Alopecia Areata
  • Control hair loss & cleanse clogged hair follicles
  • Activate hair follicles
  • Promote hair growth
  • Remove dandruff and oily scalp
  • Cover & slow grey hair growth
  • Treat bacteria infection
    (治疗细菌感染 – 鬼剃头)
  • Improve hair texture and natural colour

Natural Herbal Hair Colouring Treatment (何首乌草药护理)

Turning white hair to black (or brown) while treating your hair & providing scalp treatment simultaneously.

He Shou Wu (Polygonum Multiflorum) also known as Fo Ti to TCM practitioners, is an effective natural herb that helps restore white hair to black.

Through meticulous processing with other medicinal herbs, we have concocted this winning therapeutic remedy where customers get to have the scalp treated and concurrently restore the youthful-looking blackness to get your best hair.

  • 100% natural herbal Ingredients
  • No harsh chemical
  • Silky smooth hair after this hair treatment


  • Darken white hair to black or dark brown (覆盖白发及延缓白发生长)
  • Treat Hair Loss (Alopecia) (治斑秃)
  • Cleanse clogged hair follicles (控制脱发问题及清除阻塞的毛囊)
  • Strengthen hair follicles  (激活毛囊)
  • Promote hair growth (促进头发增长)
  • Treat dandruff and oily scalp (去除头皮油头皮屑及)
  • Treat bacterial infection (治疗细菌感染)
  • Improve hair texture and natural hair colour (改善发质及发色质)

Herbal Medicinal Treatment

Regrow Herbal Medicinal Hair Treatment is concocted by blending a variety of traditional herbs that have been proven to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth.

This hair growth treatment uses proprietary formulation to extract the essence of medicinal herbs that when applied to the scalp potently nourishes your hair follicles and brings about massive hair cell production.

This hair treatment is specially prepared in the liquid tonic form to allow the nutrients to easily penetrate deep into your hair follicles.

Once the tonic seeps inside the follicles, the nutrients will act as a hair fertilizer, nourish your hair follicles, and invigorate hair growth.

The medicinal properties of this tonic are also excellent in preventing hair thinning, thus serving dual functions of stopping hair loss and promoting hair regrowth.

This treatment also includes scalp care treatment that has antibacterial properties and helps control oily scalp.


  • nourish hair follicles and stimulate hair growth
  • stop hair loss
  • control oily scalp
  • obtain healthy scalp
  • Prevent hair thinning & frizzy hair
  • kills bacteria              

Ice Spa Therapy

Our Ice Spa Therapy is a natural solution for invigorating hair, reducing residue chemicals, and helping to nourish your hair.

It helps to replenish loosened moisture and strengthens the hair’s internal structure due to excessive chemical processes to make your hair shinier, softer, and smoother.

In addition, it has a scalp treatment to repair the damage to your sensitive scalp by removing dead skin cells.


  • Improve hair texture
  • Prevent dull hair
  • Clean dry scalp
  • Nice cooling feeling on your scalp

Hair Mask Treatment


  • Hair Recovery, Smooth Hair and Radient Hair (发膜里面是含有很多的营养成分的,通过头发上的毛鳞片就可以把这些营养输送到头发里面,修复头发里面的纤维组织,简单的说发膜就是修复头发的)
  • Improve hair texture

Hair Growth Frequency Therapy

One of our best organic hair regrowth solutions & treatment. It will help you improve your hair health and hair growth by using our hair fall preventive system to achieve radiant hair.


  • Prevention of Hair Loss
  • Inhibiting Hair Loss
  • Repairing Hair Loss Gene
  • Treatment for Hair Loss
  • Hair Growth Enhancement
  • Hair Growth Stimulation
  • Promoting Hair Growth
  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Increases Relaxation
  • Improve Kidney Health
  • Happy Hormones
  • Anti-aging

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