Regrow Hair Tonic (120ml)


Regrow Hair Tonic is an intensive energizing tonic that helps to prevent persistent hair loss and regulate sebaceous secretions. Contains special botanical extracts that help to strengthen and revitalize the scalp to prevent hair fall and stimulate healthier hair regrowth

  • Nourishes
  • Control Oil
  • Revitalises
  • Relief Itchy Scalp

Additional Information

Regrow Hair Tonic is formulated with herbal nutritions essential for hair vitality & hair texture improvement. It helps to improve blood circulation of the scalp and encourages natural hair growth. To the scalp it provides nutrients, helps strengthen the immune system, prevent bacterial growth, relieves itching, promotes healing, aids in blood circulation, helps maintain hormonal balance, cellular regeneration, controls sebaceous excretion, follicular health, soothing and prevents dandruff.


👍  Provides essential nutrients to your scalp to promote hair growth.
👍  Triggers blood circulation to stimulate hair growth & opens up hair follicles
👍  Strengthen scalp immunity to prevent hair loss & hair thinning
👍  Control sebaceous secretion & prevent oily hair build-up
👍  Produced from all natural herbal ingredients
👍  Prevent dandruff & stop bacterial growth

Product Rating


Order received. I also tried the product already and I love the cooling sensation on the scalp, hope it works though! Also, thank you for the freebie!


Read good reviews so bought to try ! If good will recommend hope it can really helps hair fall problem …


Item is well packed and fast delivery. Have to try first.


Repeat purchase, has a nice cooling feel and absorbs well even for my oily scalp. 🙂 highly recommend.


I ordered this product for my mom who says it is a good product & effective! She’s used other similar products but still wants this! Since CoVid she hasn’t been able to get it so when she called and was told this product is available on Shopee, I placed an order immediately. Arrived in just 4 days!