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MF3 SWISS NATURO GM- Glucose Management Liquid 30ml


SWISS NATURO GM (Glucose Management)

Formulated with EGCG, a unique plant compound found in Green Tea, and Berberine Vulgaris. SWISS NATURO GM works to improve insulin sensitivity, facilitate the transport of glucose into the cells as well as regulate cholesterol and metabolism. Every 1ml of SWISS NATURO GM provides 5mg of Berberine Vulgaris with extraction ratio of 30:1, equivalent to 150mg Berberine Vulgaris, and 50mg EGCG from Green Tea extract ,with extraction ratio of 10:1, equivalent to 500mg EGCG.

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What is Swiss Naturo?

Swiss Naturo is another innovation by MF3 which harnesses nature’s healing gifts to provide amazing health benefits to the body.

It works to detoxify, nourish and rejuvenate organs for an unparalleled healing that is made available in the form of oral drop supplements.

Each product under the Swiss Naturo collection is formulated with its own immaculate blend of Phyto Extracts that possesses a distinctive nutritional profile to target and support a specific organ and its functions.

Phyto Extracts or botanical extracts only rely on water as a solvent and is especially rich in plant meristem cells, bioactive compounds as well as vitamins and minerals that play a crucial role in supporting normal metabolic functions.

  • Allows optimal bioavailability.
  • Protects bioactive components against degradation at many levels in the digestive system.
  • Allows bioactive components to be absorbed intact into the bloodstream and into the cells and tissues.
  • Small liposomal vesicles of 1.25μm allows absorption to begin in the oral cavity.
Full Ingredients

EGCG 50mg
Extraction ratio 10:1 equivalent to 500mg

A potent polyphenol derived from green tea, EGCG has been shown to have protective effects on individuals with diabetes as it helps the metabolic system function. Several studies have evaluated the role of EGCG in controlling glucose levels and improving glucose intolerance by stimulating GLUT4-mediated glucose uptake in the skeletal muscle.

Berberine Vulgaris 5mg
Extraction ratio 30:1 equivalent to 150mg

A hypoglycemic phytoactive is known as the AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) activator. AMPK is a key energy-sensing and signalling system in the cells and acts as a fuel gauge by monitoring cellular energy levels. Activation of AMPK is known to increase insulin sensitivity and regulate mitochondrial function.


Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. Use with caution for those with low blood pressure. Taking this product along with diabetes medication might cause your blood sugar to go too low. Use with caution.

Possible drug interactions: Be cautious with this combination. Speak with your health provider. Cyclosporine, antidiabetic drugs, dextromethorphan, losartan, antihypertensive drugs, anticoagulants / antiplatelet drugs.

  • Regulates blood sugar levels
  • Reduces LDL cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Regulates metabolism
  • Anti-inflammatory
How to Use

All SWISS NATURO ranges are safe to be consumed by mixing with lukewarm water or sublingual administration.


Mix 1ml (equivalent to 15 drops) per serving with lukewarm water and drink daily. Best taken on empty stomach.

Sublingual administration

Place 15 drops under the tongue, swirl for a few minutes before swallowing.

Storage recommendation

4 – 8 Celcius.

Shelf Life

2 years after manufacturing. Mild sedimentation may occur and is considered normal within product shelf life.

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