Hair Follicle Regeneration Therapy

    Our Hair Follicle Regeneration Therapy uses stem cells, the most advanced scientific approach, towards regenerating hair follicle cells effectively and producing fast hair regrowth results.

    Scalp Peeling

    Regrow Hair Scalp Peeling Treatment involves deep cleansing and exfoliating of the scalp to remove accumulated dirt, product buildup or clogged hair follicles. This promotes healthy hair growth, regulates scalp sebum level, and reduces hair loss.

    Herbal Medicinal Tonic Treatment

    Regrow Herbal Medicinal Hair Treatment uses a proprietary liquid tonic formulation that extracts the essence of natural traditional herbs that have been proven to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth.

    Herbal Hair Colouring Treatment

    Using effective TCM herbs such as He Shou Wu, our Herbal Hair Treatment turns white hair to black (or brown), while treating your hair and providing scalp treatment simultaneously.

    Regrow Herbal Hair Treatment (90 mins)

    Our Herbal Hair Treatment uses 14 types of top graded natural chinese herbs and is prepared by a traditional cooking method, without adding any chemicals, preservatives or artificial colouring.

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