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REGROW Herbal Hair Treatment

Our uniqueness is in offering scalp and hair treatments whereby we use botanical herbs & natural ingredients to treat scalp & hair issues.

Our formulation of herbal based treatments offer you the assurance that the ingredients we use are all natural and provide effective remedial solutions.

Our treatment products are safe to use as they are totally chemical free, contain no preservatives and contain no artificial colouring components in them. Our treatments are effective and not harmful to people with eczema or sensitive scalps.

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Hair Loss

There are many causes of hair loss. Causes of hair loss are commonly due to lack of sleep, excessive pulling of hair, scalp infection, pregnancy or even medical conditions like Alopecia areata. Our herbal hair treatment will help you regrow your hair that has been lost so that you can feel confident again.
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Itchy Scalp

Itchy Scalp is usually caused by dandruff or skin condition or lack of sleep. Scratching your scalp would also eventually lead to hair loss.
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Dandruff is commonly caused by dry skin, inflammatory skin diseases, eczema, not shampooing your hair enough or even using a shampoo that does not suit your scalp. Dandruff is the leading cause of hair loss these days and may lead to other hair problems.
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maintain healty scalp

Even if your scalp is healthy, it is important to maintain your scalp as symptoms of hair loss take time to show.
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Grey/white hair

White or grey hair is usually caused by genetics, stress, lack of sleep, anxiety and smoking. Want to cover up your white or grey hair without the use of chemicals? Try our herbal hair treatment! We can help you to cover up your white or grey hair into a nice colour using a natural way.
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Stress Relief

In our current society, many people are facing stress, be it school, workplace, personal or even family stress, which may lead to hair loss due to stress hormones by disturbing various neuropeptides.
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Oily Scalp

Having an oily scalp causes you to have clogged pores, which will eventually lead to hair loss. Using shampoo with too many chemicals will cause your scalp to become oily.
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Sound Frequency Therapy

Our Sound Frequency Therapy helps you to repair the damage on your scalp if your scalp is too damaged.
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