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Why Herbal Hair Treatment For Healthier Hair

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We all want to have a healthy body so that we can live better and longer. We are continually in search of better ways to take care of our body and our whole being. And as we all know, despite the many improvements in living and taking care of ourselves, nothing beats the organic way. More and more people are shifting from chemically combined commercial products to the natural way.

Likewise, in taking care of our hair, we can have any of the treatments in the salon to make our hair look and feel good, but still, trying the organic way will always be more beneficial not only to your hair but to your entire body as well. 

Listed below are some herbal hair treatments that you can try at home for a regular healthy routine. 

Green Tea

Many studies have been made on the positive effects of green tea leaves on the hair. It is rich in antioxidants that help reduce the risk for heart disease and cancer, it also promotes hair growth by making your hair follicles healthy. This is recommended for those who are experiencing hair loss or have a relatively low hair density. 

To use it on your hair, soak 1-2 green tea bags in boiling or hot water and let leave it for 5 minutes. Once it cools, apply the liquid to your hair, down to the roots and scalp. Do this after your regular shampoo and conditioner.

Rose Petals

Rose petals are rich in antioxidants and antimicrobial agents. It cleanses the scalp, gets rid of dandruff, and nourishes the hair follicles to produce healthier and stronger hair strands. Rose petals also moisturize and relax dry, frizzy, and tangled hair and leave a natural fragrance. 

Rose petals are dried and crushed. Two tablespoons of the powder are mixed with half-cup warm coconut oil and a few drops of rosemary oil. Apply this special hair mask to your scalp using a cotton pad, then apply further down to the ends of your hair. Massage the scalp onto your scalp and leave it for forty-five minutes for better absorption. Use your regular mild shampoo and conditioner before rinsing. Do this once a week and you’ll soon see the beautiful effect on your hair. 

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is a shrub-sized plant belonging to the palm family. Nowadays, saw palmetto is an added ingredient in shampoos and other herbal hair treatments. It is believed to prevent hair loss or baldness among men and women. The condition is known as androgenic alopecia. This is a condition where testosterone is converted into a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) causing hair loss.

Saw palmetto can stop the conversion of testosterone and prevent hair loss. Also, it can reduce inflammation in the scalp, making your hair follicles healthier. This results in stronger hair strands. 

You can take this in either capsule or liquid form. You can also buy shampoos with saw palmetto extract, or make your hair treatment at home. To do the latter, make saw palmetto powder and mix it with your shampoo. Apply it primarily on your scalp and on your hair. Leave it for five minutes, and then rinse.


This popular spice can be grown in your backyard. It doesn’t only help you make healthy meals but also maintain healthy hair and skin.

Basil makes your hair follicles healthier by increasing scalp blood circulation, promoting hair growth. Healthy hair follicles also produce stronger hair strands.

You can buy basil oil, or you can make your own at home. Apply it directly to your scalp, either wet or dry. You can also mix it with your shampoo and conditioner and rinse it after. Do this once a day, a couple of times a week, and see the healthy results on your hair. 


Taking care of our hair and our body should be one of our priorities. Having overall health enables us to make the most out of our everyday life, and it makes us feel better.

Giving our hair a healthy treatment doesn’t have to be that expensive. Depending on our choice, these herbs and readily available remedies can be a convenient and effective way for healthier hair.

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