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Hair Treatment In Singapore

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What do you do if you find that your hair is in poor condition, splitting, falling off, or is unmanageable and dry? The solution is to get a hair treatment. In this article, we’ll discuss what kinds of hair treatment in Singapore you should avail of and for what reasons.

First, let’s clarify what exactly a treatment is. Treatments are often mixed up with conditioners, or the word “conditioner” is used to describe four distinct kinds of enhancing and moisturizing materials. Real conditioners are “surface acting,” meaning they offer the hair transient support and power. They’re similar to a thin veil in that they don’t touch the hair and instead provide a thin defensive layer that gives the hair manageability and smoothness.

Treatments enter the hair, preserving and retaining its structure. In this way, conditioners and treatments are not the same. Conditioners are introduced when you shower, while treatments are used only as necessary by experienced professionals. Usually, treatments are given at most once a week.

Generally, there are two types of treatments. First are reconstructors. Reconstructors are protein-based conditioners that strengthen the hair. If you have hair that has been chemically affected either from too much coloring or perming, or if your hair is splitting or thin, you should consider this type of treatment. It is usually a mix of protein and moisture since 100% protein treatments will make hair fragile if done poorly.

Assume your hair to not feel perfect when utilizing this sort of treatment because it works inside. As such, you should still use a conditioner to add smoothness to your hair.  You can often find them in salons as they are mostly used during processes involving chemicals. These kinds of treatments cannot be used within a week of coloring your hair since they can cause the color to either fade or not stick appropriately to your hair.

Moisturizers, the most effective method of therapy, maintain the moisture within the center of your hair known as the cortex. It’s ideal for unmanageable, dry hair, as well as curly hair that has lost its bounce. Moisturizers will address the majority of the damage done to your hair through drying, too much heating, coloring, or sun exposure, i.e. from coloring to over-drying or heating your hair to sun damage).

The second type of hair treatment is conditioners. Conditioners close the hair shaft and seal the scalp, making it feel soft and easy to brush. If you have colored hair, use a conditioner with each wash to seal in the color and extend its life. Often, if the hair is medium to long, you can use them to moisturize the places that the oils that your scalp naturally produces are unable to reach. The only people who can be exempt from using conditioners are those with short hair or non-chemically damaged ones.

Thermal protecting conditioners or finishing products are used to stop the damage caused by heat from happening in the first place. If your hair is vulnerable to harm or you always use hot equipment on it, make sure you utilize these kinds of products to protect your hair.

So, how can I put them to good use? Treatments, like other products, can be used according to the guidance on the package or by a licensed hairdresser. The amount required is also dependent on the substance and the thickness and length of your hair. You should not leave products, even treatments, on your hair for periods longer than the recommended time, particularly if you’re using a protein-based one, as this will have no additional impact and can even cause your hair to become fragile.

A twice per week treatment might be essential if you have heavily damaged hair. Otherwise, once a week is preferred. Doing treatments either once or twice a month should suffice for routine repairs.

Damaged hair is usually caused by personal habits and environmental patterns, as well as the many pressures and shenanigans that we inflict on our hairs. Since a treatment would not work immediately, it is a safe choice to either do daily conditioning or use a leave-in conditioner. Note that your hair will only take in a certain amount of additional nourishment, so you’ll be washing your hard-earned money down the drain if you use too much.

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