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How to Reduce Hair Loss

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Hair loss can be quite frustrating. No one wants to shower one morning and see clumps of hair on their hands. While the average person loses as much as 150 strands of hair per day – large amounts of hair loss can be quite frustrating. So how do you solve this problem?

Hair care doesn’t have to be expensive. You can actually reduce hair fall by using natural herbal hair products, depending on which one is most available to you. Here are some of the things you can try out to prevent hair loss:

Most people don’t know how much shampoo to use. The rule of thumb is if you have short hair, shampoo should be the size of nickel. Quarter-sized for medium and half-dollar for long hair

Taking More Iron

Obviously, you’re not supposed to apply iron to your skin. Instead, you should add it to your diet with the consumption of iron-rich food items like fish, meat, and certain vegetables. You can also take iron supplements but make sure to consult with your doctor first since too much of it in your body can actually lead to side effects.

Indian Gooseberry

This is popular for containing loads of antioxidants, perfect to promote hair growth. It helps reduce hair fall and strengthen hair roots the natural way. It’s been used for years and has been added in some shampoos today.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a pretty popular herbal hair product. You can find it as an essential ingredient in various shampoo products. You can buy botanical extracts of aloe vera or simply make your own with the plant. Aloe vera has amazing healing properties and can actually help with scalp inflammation with regular use.

Holy Basil

Another popular herb, holy basil is known for preventing hair loss caused by dandruff. An itchy scalp due to dandruff can cause you to consistently scratch your hair and cause damage. As a result, this will agitate the scalp and start to weaken the follicles. In order to address the hair loss, you want to solve the problem of dandruff and holy basil can be incredibly useful for this.

Coconut Oil

The beauty of using coconut oil is that you can find it in any shop. Coconut oil can be massaged directly onto the scalp and then spread all through the hair for proper nourishment. Coconut oil helps add luster to the hair, making it shiny and stronger. Coconut oil is very gentle on the skin, so there’s little chance of a negative reaction.

How to Use Natural Products for Hair Growth

Once you’ve stopped the hair fall, the next step is to stimulate growth. You want to improve the health of your hair shaft and encourage natural oils. No matter what product you use, make sure to follow the instructions indicated in the packaging. In most cases, you need to first massage the product onto the scalp, allowing it to seep into the skin. Ideally, your hair should be fully wet before doing this and not just damp.

Use gentle circles – a full cleanse usually takes 3 minutes. This will help get rid of any sebum or blockage on the scalp. The hair itself doesn’t need excessive scrunching – just make sure the application is even all through the hair. Once done, rinse your hair thoroughly. This is another mistake most people make – failing to properly rinse. Leaving hair products on your hair can actually damage it instead of help.

Natural Herbal Hair Care – Habits to Nourish Hair Roots

Have a Me-Time

Your day-to-day activities can also do so much for your hair and body. Stress is perhaps one of the most prominent factors affecting practically everything in your life. A dedicated “me time” can help you get rid of all that stress and hit the reset button. During your me-time, tryi applying some hair tonic, give your skin some added love, and just spend the day lounging around with a good book or a Netflix movie.

Don’t Brush Wet

One of the biggest mistakes people make is brushing their hair while it’s still wet. You have to wait until the strands are completely dry before you run a comb through. This is because wet hair is more likely to break off. 

Don’t Shampoo Daily

Healthier hair doesn’t have to be washed or shampooed daily. Doing so actually strips the natural oils from your hair, leaving it coarse and brittle. Let your hair recover – putting a gap between shampoos of 2 or 3 days. Each hair is different so you’d have to pay close attention to your hair’s health and luster.

Change Up your Diet

Of course, don’t forget that the food you take in also contributes to your hair health. Make sure to eat a balanced diet and avoid habits like smoking and drinking. As much as possible, fill your diet with vegetables and unprocessed food.

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