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Trichologist Pricing Guide for Singapore 2022

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Do you have major concerns regarding hair loss and other hair related problems? Looking for a trichology Singapore expert to help you? Here is a comprehensive guide to the prices you can expect to pay. This list is updated for 2022, so you can be sure that you are getting accurate information. Note that these prices may vary depending on the clinic, the trichologist’s experience and qualifications, and the type of recommended treatment for your hair and scalp concerns.

Are you aware of the role of a trichologist?

A trichologist is someone who specializes in the study of hair growth, hair follicles, and scalp disorders. They are often consulted for hair breakage, thinning hair, hair follicle issues, and scalp conditions. Even though they are not medical doctors, they can diagnose various hair problems and recommend a suitable hair and scalp treatment plan.

What can you expect during the consultation?

During your initial consultation, the trichologist will take a detailed medical history and perform a microscopic examination of your scalp. They may also recommend blood tests to rule out any underlying health conditions. Based on their findings, they will create a treatment plan for you. This may include topical treatments, clinical treatments, or changes to your hair care regime.

How much does a trichologist consultation cost?

The average consultation fee for a trichologist in Singapore is $120-$200. However, this may vary depending on the clinic and the trichologist’s experience and qualifications. Typically, the initial consultation is more expensive than follow-up consultations.

If there is an underlying issue and the trichologist requires a blood test from you, then you can expect to pay even more for the consultation. The average hair and scalp related blood tests cost $60-$200 in Singapore. However, this may vary depending on the clinic, and the specific tests recommended by the trichologist.

What do you have to pay for topical treatments?

One of the most common treatments recommended by trichologists are topical treatments. They are usually applied directly to the scalp and can be in the form of lotions, creams, or shampoos. Some common topical treatments for your hair and scalp condition include minoxidil, corticosteroids, anti-dandruff shampoos, topical immunosuppressants, and herbal hair treatment Singapore products. Minoxidil is a common hair loss treatment, while corticosteroids are used to treat inflammation and itching.

The cost of these topical treatments can vary depending on the type of product, the brand, and the size of the bottle. For example, a 60 milliliter bottle of minoxidil can cost anywhere from $30 to $60. A 100 milliliter bottle of anti-dandruff shampoo may cost around $15 to $30, while a 500 milliliter bottle of topical immunosuppressant can cost up to $200.

While topical treatments are typically available over the counter, some can only be obtained through a prescription. If a prescription is required, then the trichologist will refer you to a medical doctor or dermatologist. This will incur an additional consultation fee around the range of $100 to $200.

What are the costs of clinical treatments?

A clinical treatment is usually done in a salon or clinic setting, and is more expensive than topical treatments. In addition, they may require multiple sessions to produce effective results. Clinical treatments are typically only recommended by trichologists for more severe hair and scalp conditions.

Some common clinical treatments include laser therapy, microneedling, mesotherapy, platelet-rich plasma therapy, and hair transplant surgery. Laser therapy involves using low-level lasers to stimulate hair growth, while microneedling is a process that uses needles to puncture the skin and promote hair growth. Mesotherapy is a treatment that involves injecting vitamins and other nutrients into the scalp, while platelet-rich plasma therapy uses the patient’s own blood to promote hair growth. Hair transplant surgery is a more invasive treatment that is usually only recommended for patients with severe hair loss.

The cost of these treatments can vary depending on the type of treatment, the number of sessions required, and the clinic you go to. For example, a single session of low-level laser therapy can cost around $100 to $300, while a course of six microneedling sessions may cost $600 to $900. A mesotherapy treatment can cost up to $300 per session, while a platelet-rich plasma therapy treatment can cost $500 to $1000 per session. Hair transplant surgery is usually the most expensive clinical treatment, and can cost anywhere from $6,000 to $20,000. The exact price will depend on the number of grafts required, the qualifications and experience of the surgeon, and the clinic you visit.

How much do herbal hair treatments cost?

Herbal hair treatments are another popular option recommended by trichologists for treating hair and scalp conditions. They usually involve the use of natural ingredients, such as plants and herbs, to promote hair growth. Common herbal hair treatment products include shampoos, conditioners, tonics, oils, and serums. These herbal products may also be used in conjunction with other treatments like hair steaming, hair and scalp massage, and even sound frequency therapy.

The cost of these treatments can vary depending on the type of treatment, the brand, the size of the bottle, and the duration of treatment (if applicable). For example, a 100 milliliter bottle of herbal hair tonic or shampoo can cost $25 to $50 on average. A herbal hair treatment session inclusive of hair steaming, massage and washing may cost around $100 and above.

What other costs should you consider?

In addition to the initial trichologist consultation and the cost of any relevant treatments, you may also have to pay for follow-up consultations with the trichologist to monitor your progress. These follow-up consultations typically cost around $50 to $100.


As you can see, there is a wide range in pricing when it comes to trichologist recommended hair treatments in Singapore. The exact cost will depend on the severity of your condition, the type of treatment you choose, the qualifications and experience of the person administering the treatment, and the clinic you visit. It is important to consult with a qualified trichologist to determine which treatment option is best for you. With their help, you can find a treatment that fits both your budget and your needs.

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