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Understanding Hair Loss and What You Can Do About It

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Losing hair is a natural process that happens as a result of aging, illness, or some medications. However, hair loss may also be caused by stress. Stress may cause you to lose hair because it can alter your hormone levels.

Hair loss is not considered to be a disease. However, women always treat it as one and feel like they are the only ones who are experiencing it. Hair loss has been happening for centuries and will continue to happen in future too.

What Causes Hair Loss and Hair to Fall Out

It’s important to know the hair loss causes and the things that you can do to prevent it. It’s not a vain issue, but a health concern that can have negative effects on your mental wellbeing. Hair loss is typically a symptom of an underlying condition. Hair loss can be caused by heredity, injury, disease, and/or scalp disorders. In some cases, hair loss is simply caused by the normal aging process.

Hereditary hair loss usually starts in either late childhood or early adolescence. This type of hair loss can be passed down from the mother’s side or father’s side of the family. Trauma to the head can also cause hair fall out which may include injuries like burns to the head or ear infections that leave behind scars on the scalp.

Over the years, there has been a considerable amount of research conducted on the relationship between stress and hair loss. Being under a lot of stress can lead to hair thinning and hair loss. The direct relationship between the two is uncertain but there are some indirect links that have been observed in many cases.

Research shows that people who suffer from severe anxiety or depression often have prolonged or recurring episodes of hair loss. Researchers found that the hair of women who had a high level of cortisol (stress hormone) and a low level of estrogen (female sex hormone) grew about half as fast as the hair of women with a lower cortisol level and higher estrogen levels.

Is There A Cure For Hair Loss?

Many people turn to hair transplants as a solution, but these procedures can be expensive and there is still some risk of needing additional transplant sessions in the future. If you suffer from balding, there are other options available for you. The following 3 tips are designed to help you get back your luscious locks.

1. Cut down on stress-related hormones by exercising regularly or meditating every day since stress is a major trigger for hormonal imbalances and hair loss in both males and females

2. Use health supplements such as Vitamins B5, B6, B12. Vitamin B5, B6, and B12 are important for hair growth. Not only do they provide the necessary building blocks to create new hair strands but they also promote and stimulate the growth of healthy hair follicles.

3. Eat Healthily – The foods we eat have an impact on our overall health, including our hair health. Eating foods rich in protein will help increase hair growth because it helps provide all nutrients needed for healthy follicles.

Use Hair Tonic and Consider Herbal Hair Treatment

A natural solution to hair loss is to use herbal treatments, such as shampoos and conditioners. Herbal hair treatments have a range of benefits that include the prevention of hair loss and hair growth. Herbal remedies can be helpful in this case because they will stimulate blood circulation and provide nutrients to your scalp which will help in preventing hair loss.

You can consider using Regrow Hair Tonic which is an intensive energizing tonic that helps to prevent persistent hair loss and regulate sebaceous secretions. The hair tonic contains special botanical extracts that help to strengthen and revitalize the scalp to prevent hair fall and stimulate healthier hair regrowth.

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