Ways to develop strong hair roots

Healthy hair growth is often derived from having nourished hair roots with a longer growth cycle.

The natural oils found in the scalp help stimulate hair growth by maintaining the health of your hair cuticles around the hair roots.

A woman showing her gray hair roots. Going gray concept. Close up.

It also helps hair grow to avoid split ends whilst preventing frizz and dandruff.

When you strengthen hair roots, it promotes healthy hair growth and reduces hair loss.

What is the importance of hair roots to hair health?

Each hair is grown from hair follicles located deep inside the scalp.

These hair follicles contain specialized cells in the hair roots that produce hairs that protrude from the skin and develop into skin fibers.

A healthy root will allow the hair follicles to complete their growth cycle and then fall out in accordance with the natural aging process.

Weak hair roots are caused by different physical, chemical, and hormonal factors, which will make hair brittle, leading to more and more hair breakage.

What are the causes of weak hair roots?

There are so many causes of weak roots.

But here are some factors that affect the condition of the hair roots:

1) Hormonal imbalance

The level of hormones in the body is directly related to the hair growth cycle.

Hormonal imbalances can cause hair strands to thin and make them unable to maintain their length over time and stay healthy.

Hormonal imbalance often occurs during menopause, thyroid problems, post-pregnancy hair changes, and postpartum hair loss can lead to weakening hair roots and disrupting the growth cycle.

2) Genetics

Some people have a genetic predisposition to specific hair disorders such as patterned alopecia.

Baldness alopecia is the most common type of hereditary hair loss caused by a gradual decrease in the size of hair follicles over time.

3) Stress

Mental stress can cause weak hair roots, whilst physical stress, such as tying up your hair or using too many styling tools can also create forceful effects on the hair shaft and roots.

Harsh hair care methods such as excessive use of hot tools which includes permanent straightening or curling can also alter the bonds in the hair follicles and weaken the cuticle which makes them prone to breakage and shedding.

4) Scalp Infections

Bacterial or fungal infections of the scalp, such as boils on the scalp, or ringworm, can damage the hair roots to the point of scarring and thus lead to permanent hair loss in the affected areas.

5) Dandruff

This scalp condition occurs due to an increase in the production of natural oils, that causes severe oily scalp which promotes fungal infections.

Flaky and itchy skin are some of the common symptoms of dandruff.

The strong scratching reflex due to itching can add up to damage the hair shaft.

In addition, a fungal infection can weaken the hair roots due to inflammation.

6) chemical treatments

Strongly active chemicals found in hair dyes, hair bleaches, and styling products can cause allergic contact dermatitis and adverse effects on the skin.

You can opt to use sulfate-free hair products at home and organic ingredients at the salon.

7) Unhealthy food habits

Having a diet lacking in essential nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and minerals, especially iron and vitamin B12, can lead to the gradual weakening of hair roots.

8) Medications

Some medications can also weaken hair roots and cause premature hair loss.

These include anticancer drugs, thyroid medications, blood thinners (anticoagulants), gout medications, antidepressants, and blood pressure control medications.

9) Environmental factors

Exposure to dirt and harmful chemicals due to pollution can cause oxidative damage to the hair roots and hair shafts, long-term weakening of hair roots, poor nourishment, and easy hair loss.

How Can I Strengthen My Hair Roots?

1) Eat a balanced diet

A healthy diet can help make hair roots stronger as hair follicles are made mostly of cells.

By feeding your body, the nutrients will help make your hair thicker and stronger in the long run.

You can eat foods rich in vitamins A, B (biotin), C, D, E, iron, protein, and zinc.

It is also important to eat enough protein in a day as hair is made mostly of protein.

2) Add vitamin supplements

If you have difficulties eating enough essential nutrients necessary to strengthen your hair, consuming hair supplements may be a solution for you.

Hair follicle health is dependent on healthy cells that start with the nutritional support from food intake that travels to the bloodstream.

It is through this function that the cells in the blood carry these vitamins and minerals to the hair follicles and generates hair growth and texture.

When you consume enough nutrition, your hair cells will thrive.

3) Keep yourself hydrated

Hydration is key to ensuring healthy-looking hair strands.

If you notice how dull your hair looks, then it may be a sign of dehydration.

You can start by drinking plenty of water and limiting your intake of caffeinated drinks such as coffee, soda, or tea.

You can also substitute tap water for coconut water or vitamin-enhanced drinks to give your body that extra boost.

If you want more benefits, add a teaspoon of chia seeds to a cup of water.

4) Switch your hair care routine

Making a few haircare routine changes can greatly reduce hair strand loss.

It is important to choose a shampoo that is suited to your scalp and a conditioner that is meant for your hair type.

Oily scalp and straight hair can benefit from a daily wash whilst curlier hair types with drier scalps can prevent weak hair roots by washing less.

5) Reduce the use of hot hair tools

Overusing heat on your hair has been known to cause hair follicle damage.

These include the hair dryer, hair straighteners, curling iron, and hot rollers.

Reducing the usage of heating tools and chemicals will significantly reduce damage simply by not drying your hair at higher temperatures or using mild hair coloring ingredients.

Experts advise keeping your hairdryer more than fifteen centimeters from your hair, using a lower temperature, or drying it naturally to improve fair follicle health and reduce the amount of hair loss you experience long-term.

6) Scalp Massages

Scalp massages are ideal for hair follicle renewal and growth as it invigorates the skin right below the scalp.

It also reduces stress, which is a huge reason why some people suffer from hair thinning or brittle hair.

Coconut oil can be used to massage the scalp and to act as a hair mask which will help promote blood circulation and strengthen weak hair.