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Warning: You’re Losing Money by avoiding Herbal Hair Coloring Products

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That’s a bold statement, but you’d be surprised! It’s a common misconception that organic products are a lot more expensive than their traditional counterparts. Sure, some are more expensive up front, but you’re not just buying a product–you’re buying insurance, which is capable of saving compounding health costs over time.

How many times have you used traditional hair dyes—or other products—that are filled with harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients, and lived with the consequences? It might not have been readily apparent, but it’s well known that most shampoos and hair care products on the market are filled with chemical additives that can be harmful not just to your hair but also to your health.

It’s even more apparent when it comes to hair dyes since the common hair dye ingredients in traditional hair dyes can cause skin allergies, especially to those with sensitive scalps. Not to mention they’ve been known to be severely damaging to the hair, making it brittle and dull–unless you’re willing to pay for hair treatments. It is just going to cost you more than what you’ve already spent.

Funnily enough, there’s a lot of products in the market that are targeted specifically for damaged hair caused by traditional hair dyes. So why go through all that trouble when you can just maintain your hair health at the fraction of the cost?

Herbal hair coloring, as well as natural hair care products, operate on the concept of being complementary. That is, it adds to what is already there, and improves upon it.

Here are a few ways it does so:

1) Natural hair dyes offer a DIY option.

Unlike traditional hair dyes, there are natural hair dye options that are as barebones as any product could get, where you can literally make the product from scratch and save a ton of money. An example of this would be henna dye formulas that you can make on your own. Simply purchase a box of henna powder from reputable sources online, and mix it with either hot water or coconut milk.

That’s it.

Now, depending on the color that you want, you can also add other ingredients that can easily be found in your own kitchen. Things like cinnamon, lemon juice, or even certain teas can help you dye your hair in the color that you want.

“If you want to make your hair look flawless, you’ll have to get regular treatments to maintain that look, and given the damage chemically treated hair gets, it’s not something you can easily ignore.

2) An organic hair dye like henna can double as a hair treatment product, by using colors that match your natural hair or your current hair color.

Aside from having a DIY option, a natural hair dye like henna can truly be the best bargain you can get for yourself when it comes to hair care. Not only will you be able to use them for coloring your hair, you can also use the same product for hair treatments. Traditional hair products and dyes can’t match that kind of savings, and convenience. And not only will it help strengthen your hair, it will also help deepen the color of your natural hair or whatever color you’ve already got.

3) You can use a natural hair dye without needing to get any treatments before and after using the product, which saves you a ton of money.

If you ask us, the process of coloring your hair the traditional way is just one step to a whole road of continuous spending. Most traditional hair coloring products, either those used in salons or even at home, usually require some sort of maintenance procedure afterwards — to ensure the health of your hair. You’d typically get a hair spa or a hair treatment after getting your hair color done.

And it doesn’t end there. If you want to make your hair look flawless, you’ll have to get regular treatments to maintain that look, and given the damage chemically treated hair gets, it’s not something you can easily ignore. You’ll have to continuously maintain it with shampoos, conditioners, and even hair treatment products specifically made for colored hair. Soon enough, it will all add up and you’ll wonder where all that money went.

Herbal hair treatments are also an option when you opt for using an organic hair dye, but the great thing about this is that it’s basically a hair color and hair treatment in one. And you don’t have to spend extra on the maintenance products that you would usually need afterward since you don’t need them anyway. Unlike their traditional counterpart, your hair doesn’t need to meet certain criteria when you’re using organic hair dyes, before or after the treatment. In fact, if you’re actually looking to nourish your hair by opting for using organic hair dyes, you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised at the results you’ll get, and you’ll probably never go back to using traditional dyes again.

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