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Our uniqueness is in offering scalp and hair treatments whereby we use medicinal herbs & botanical ingredients to treat scalp & hair issues. They are safe & not damaging to the body & environment.

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Hair Loss

Hair loss (Alopecia) is no longer a condition that affects only the middle aged or seniors. More people are experiencing hair loss at a younger age. Causes that contribute to the increasing number of people suffering from early hair loss includes hectic lifestyle, stress and imbalance diet. 

Seeking early & effective treatments from us can help you reverse this condition. 

We can help you regain healthy scalps & regrow your hair beautifully so that you can feel confident again.

Hair Loss Services

Oily Scalp

Oily scalp is caused by over-reactive sebaceous glands on the scalp. The oil traps environmental pollutants & dirty residues onto your scalp causing clogged follicles. It makes your hair sticky and difficult to manage. Without proper treatment, oily sebum may lead to weaken scalp causing massive hair loss, itchy scalp, dandruff and damaged hairs

Services for Oily Scalp

White / Grey Hair

Grey or white hairs make a person looked older compared to a person with a head of darker hairs. For many young adults, work and family stress is one of the causes of early onset of greying hairs. Genetic factors & gradual ageing are also natural causes of hairs turning grey due to our hair follicles producing less colour as we grow older. We can help you cover and darken those greying hairs using He Show Wu hair treatment. You will walk away feeling younger and more upbeat without those unsightly white hairs

Services for Darkening of White / Grey Hair


Dandruff is the flaking of skin on the scalp. Causes include unhealthy scalp including oily or dry scalp, failure to maintain hair hygiene, lack of sufficient sleep and reaction to allergies. Severe dandruff can cause unbearable itchiness and scalp damages. Unsightly flakes falling onto dark clothing can result in others keeping a distant from you. Our herbal treatment has the remedy to control this condition and help alleviate all the discomforts & irritations caused by dandruff.

Services for Dandruff

Itchy Scalp

Itchy Scalp is usually caused by dandruff or skin condition or lack of sleep. Scratching your scalp would also eventually lead to hair loss.Itchy scalp is a condition called allergic contact dermatitis. This happens to people who go for chemical colour hair dyes and using hair products (shampoos & hair styling products) that contain chemicals which trigger allergic reactions. Failure to control oily scalp and not practicing proper hair hygiene cause chronic itchiness and eventual dandruff

Services for Itchy Scalp

Maintain Healthy Scalp

Your hair is an extension of your personality. Maintaining  healthy hair brings out the natural beauty in you.
Even though you do not have serious hair issues now, our  treatments & products can help retain your hair healthy,  strong and easy to manage for many years to come. Prevention is always better than cure.

Services for Healthy Scalp

Stress Relief

Stress is a common culprit & cause of scalp and hair problems including hair loss, oily scalp, dry hair, dandruff and itchy scalp. We have a range of stress relief products & solutions to help you counter stress and help build up your scalp immunity.

Services for Stress Relief

Sound Frequency Therapy

Sound Frequency Therapy is a type of hair treatment that uses sonic vibration to treat hair loss. No pills to take and no cream to apply. Helps your hair reqrowth while you sleep. Require the use of mobile app on your phone and listen to the sound sublimely and allow all your hair cells to proliferate while in your delta (sleeping) state.

Services for Sound Frequency Therapy

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