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7 Ways to Prevent Hair Loss Naturally

Last Updated on: 17th September 2023, 11:03 pm

Are you experiencing sudden hair loss? Hair care isn’t just about looking pretty with your full lock of hair. It’s about maintaining a degree of confidence and feeling good about yourself with hair that looks healthy and stays strong. But how exactly do you achieve silky and healthier hair the natural way? Here are some tips.

Preventing Hair Loss Naturally

1. Don’t Brush Wet Hair

Wet hair is actually more brittle than when dry. Brushing it while wet will cause the hair to snap off and shorten. Always wait for the hair to dry off before brushing it thoroughly. Don’t panic if you see hair on your brush – it’s perfectly natural to experience hair loss on a daily basis. 

2. Scalp Massage with Essential Oils

If you want to strengthen hair roots, you have to start from the scalp. Reduce hair fall by addressing the hair shaft directly. Treatment involves applying essential oils onto the scalp through a gentle massage. Lavender oil and coconut oil would provide the best nourishment and help promote growth. Make sure to check for allergies first if you have sensitive skin. Let the oil soak into the roots for a few minutes before washing it off.

3. Reduce Stress Factors

Hair fall may also occur because of too much stress. In some cases, stressed individuals may even pull out their own hair without realizing it. If you find yourself worrying too much, make sure you give yourself time to de-stress. Set aside some “me” time where you can sit back and give yourself full pampering. Exercise, a day by the pool, or just a long hot bath can be great ways to reboot your week.

Promoting Natural Hair Growth

4. Use of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has been scientifically proven to help with hair growth. It nourishes the hair, improves the hair roots, and can even lead to a healthy scalp. The healing properties of aloe vera have been translated into different hair products like shampoos, gels, and sprays. However, if you want the best benefits – try using the plant as is. You can grow it in your garden and harvest the leaves as needed.

5. Don’t Wash It Often

Daily use of shampoo isn’t really ideal. In some cases, this can cause dry hair because you strip your hair of the natural oils, which keep it healthy. Wash your hair every 2 or 3 days – depending on the hair itself. If you notice an itchy scalp, some scalp inflammation, or an oily scalp – it’s time to use shampoo for your hair.

6. Find a Good Shampoo

Not all shampoo is created equal. It’s best to find a shampoo that fits your hair type perfectly. Unfortunately, this is a trial and error approach. At best, look for shampoos with natural ingredients or are built specifically for your scalp problems. For example, if you have a dry scalp – look for a shampoo that moisturizes the hair. The opposite is true – look for a balancing shampoo if you have an oily scalp.

7. Drink More Water

Water isn’t just used to cleanse your hair – you should also drink more of it to benefit the root. Proper hydration keeps the scalp supplied with enough moisture to keep it strong, healthy, and productive. You’ll find that your hair becomes shinier with a beautiful volume using this simple tonic.

Natural Herbal Hair Care Tips for Strengthening your Hair Roots

Of course, direct hair treatments shouldn’t be your only concern. Hair gets its strength from the inside – which means that you have to be mindful of other factors to strengthen hair roots. Here are some tips you can follow:

  • Add more iron to your diet. Chicken, turkey, and oysters are some rich sources of iron. This helps carry out the oxygen to your scalp and therefore keep it strong. You can also take supplements to help you reach your daily iron goal.
  • Avoid hair treatment. Exposing your hair to heat and chemicals can be very damaging to the hair follicles. Give your hair some time to recover in between treatments, bleaching, or coloring. There are tons of horror stories there about clumps of hair falling out because of the wrong form of treatment.
  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol. At the very least, limit your use of these substances. In particular, smoking has a very negative effect on hair follicles. It shrinks them, causing limited blood flow and ultimately leading to hair fall. Even if new hair grows on the root, it becomes brittle and thin.

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